Evening presentation for all adults (parents, staff, governors) 7 – 9 pm: Oxytocin and Our Need for Touch*

Understand the science behind the magic of touch and the benefits of peer massage. Demonstrations and Q & A.

Day One 9 am – 5 pm: Peer Massage training for teachers

Learn the routines and protocol. Examine personal and cultural beliefs about touch and choice.

Day Two 9 – 5 pm: More peer massage

(optional) Learn how to create routines, curricular touch activities, how to evaluate the results

Optional 2 hours: Family Massage for parents & children

Bring a pad, a blanket and a child- Learn clothes-on massage “touch games” that are fun and easy.
You will see greater results by educating your whole school about healthy touch!

* DVD, Playful Touch will be on sale for 1/2 price of $10
** Includes a training manual, DVD of Peer Massage routines and follow-up support
*** Includes DVD, Playful Touch for each family. Also recommended for early
childhood teachers.

This is not just about calm and relaxation;
this is a social education.


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